Emma Goerzen Owner, Hire Standard

I had the opportunity to join the ‘Self Employment Program’ at Execuserv approx. 3 plus years ago.  I am entering into my Fourth year of business and would like to say the group at Execuserve prepared me well for what was ahead.  They shared all the components that would arise during a one year course or sooner.  They warned of the pitfalls and the highs.  Earlier this year our company incorporated and I took on a partner, all went much smoother than it might have if I didn’t have the information acquired in the program.

Gillian and Leigh are without exception two of the finest people I have had opportunity to meet, honest, encouraging and resourceful, always.

As a Background Check and Permanent Staffing agency I get plenty of opportunity to refer folks to this program.  We interview many people some who are only looking for work until they can get their idea or new company off the ground; these people are delighted to hear of the supports in the community to help them succeed at their dream.

I highly recommend Execuserv and these helpful ladies to anyone and have.


George Epp Owner, Epp & Associates

I have know execuserv plus inc. in Lethbridge for 8 years.  The first experience was being a participant in the self-employment program myself, then working on some valuable government contracts together and now helping students of the self-employment program put together their own business plan.  During this time I have worked closely with both Gillian Nish and Leigh Thompson.

In my 30 years on business experience I have not met people in an organization who care so much about the results of their clients.  In my personal life and certainly in my business life, I have referred many people to execuserv and their self-employment program.  I believe that in the future this self-employment program will be more important than ever because of the new economy we live in.  In all of the world, Governments, Universities, Colleges and communities are promoting and supporting entrepreneurship. 

This company understands the value of small business and relevant training in our communities. Gillian Nish and her company are leaders in the Lethbridge business community and are very well respected in southern Alberta.  I would highly recommend this company and it’s people for management consulting, assistance in executive search, and business/workplace training

My best description of this company is a quote by Albert Schweitzer  “Do something for someone every day for which you don’t get paid"


Gwen Tietz Owner, Mountain Blue Accounting

"The success of a small business is the ability of an entrepreneur to surround themselves with complimentary affiliates.  Since attending the Self Employment Program in 2003, I continue to exercise many of the practices taught by the various facilitators.  I know my success is due in part to the amazingly well rounded sessions I attended.  I would highly recommend the Self Employment Program to anyone starting a new business, especially today in this challenging market place."

John and Susanna MacGarva Owners, MacGarva Company Ltd.

My wife Susanna and I had the pleasure of being enrolled in the Self Employment Program delivered by execuserv in the spring of 2008. We thoroughally enjoyed it and, as this was all new to us, we really learned a lot. The sessions offered a great outline of the things we would run into as we set up our small business. It gave us the "courage" to step into this new future. Our small business is slowly growing and we will not turn back. What is nice is we can phone execuserv any time if we have questions and they are there for us. Also we have some key contact numbers we have used. We would recommend this program and exposure to anyone. But remember, you need to do the work to make it work!


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