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Our vision statement

In 1988, I left my position as Executive Director of the Tourism Industry Association of Alberta and returned to Lethbridge to start my own consulting business. I'm pretty sure that at the time my family thought I had “gone off the deep end”.
Such is the spirit of the true entrepreneur!

I have had many ups and downs as an entrepreneur. My passion has always been to help people create successful businesses, and support my community. I went from a home-based business in 1988, to a bricks and mortar store front in 1999. That was the year our Self-employment program in Lethbridge and its surrounding communities, was born!

I walked away from my successful career!

How it all began.

Her motto is
“it takes twenty years to be an overnight success” 

With over thirty years of experience, Gillian is a successful businesswoman in every way. She displays professionalism at all times, and unselfishly gives back to the community. She has sat on many boards including the Board of Directors for the Chamber, YWCA, the U of L Faculty of Management Advisory Board, 5th on 5th Youth Advisory council, as the Chair of the Lethbridge Community Futures and was one of the founding members of the Chinook Entrepreneur Challenge and so many more! 

She is appreciated for her optimistic perspective and her honest approach and her expertise in business.


I love to listen to all types of music, in particular the Big Band songs of the 40's and the soundtracks of the 60's. I have enjoyed singing since I as a little girl and I still sing at weddings and special events when invited.

My form of relaxation is to sing with the artists of "youTube" and it keeps my neighbours asking where the music is coming from.

I also enjoy playing board games, especially scrabble and crib. When my staff isn't watching, I play a mean game of bookworm on my computer at the office.


Gillian Nish

I joined the execuserv team as the administrative assistant in June 2013. I have the pleasure of being the very first point of contact for execuserv plus inc. and I love greeting everyone with a smile! Aside from being an administrative assistant, I am responsible for making sure everyone knows where they are supposed to be and what they are supposed to be doing. 

I do it all! File the paperwork, schedule all the presenters, book appointments or book out the training room, make sure the students have all the information they need, and that our Program Coordinator has everything she needs. I love answering any and all questions that come to my desk, going the extra mile to help.

Ever since I was a little girl I always wanted to be a teacher...... and one day I got my wish. One of our fabulous facilitators was not able to teach, and with no one to replace them, I was given the task of teaching Business Etiquette. I settled in and took up the challenge! I am happy and thankful to report that no one left the classroom, and I survived the day! It was an experience of a lifetime and I loved it!

When I am not in the office, I can likely be found in the mountains camping with my husband, gardening, or chatting with one of my many siblings. 



Darlene Raven

I joined the execuserv team in January, 2019 as the Program Coordinator, and I have the pleasure of being the second person you will meet when you come through our doors for the very first time.

I assess eligibility for the self-employment program and absolutely love talking to people about the vision they have for their business & their life. My background is in human services and I also liase with the government, community stakeholders and love being a part of the entrepreneurial ecosystem in our city. I sit on the board of directors for the Downtown BRZ, and I manage the hybrid classroom technology.

With a fondness for laughter and a love of outdoor adventures. Spending time with my dogs or just listening to my fiancé’s bad dad jokes are some of my favourite moments in the day.

On my days off I can be found spending time with family and/or friends, out in nature with Mabel, my Old English Sheepadoodle, or hanging out at home with my Yorkie, Molly, who doesn’t like leaving the house but gets plenty of exercise through her daily spurts of the zoomies.



Heather Woods

With over thirty years of experience, Gillian is a successful businesswoman in every way. She displays professionalism at all times, and unselfishly gives back to the community. She has sat on many boards including the Board of Directors for the Chamber, YWCA, the U of L Faculty of Management Advisory Board, 5th on 5th Youth Advisory council, as the Chair of the Lethbridge Community Futures and was one of the founding members of the Chinook Entrepreneur Challenge and so many more! 

The one who started it all!

Gillian NISH

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Judy Stolk-Ingram

Judy is passionate about career development and for many years has enjoyed the privilege of supporting youth and adults to create their own unique pathways. She recognizes that entrepreneurship is one such unique pathway and appreciates the ingenuity, courage and dedication on the part of those who pursue this path.

The True Colors workshop helps new entrepreneurs to identify strengths and communicate more effectively with others, including customers, vendors, and funders. Be prepared to start this comprehensive training program by laughing and learning about yourself and those around you.

Our colour specialist!

D’Arcy Kavanagh

D’Arcy has been a facilitator for the Self-employment program since 2016. He trains participants in Customer Service and his presentation style includes impressions of famous actors. He has spent four decades working in journalism, starting as a reporter, moving into being an editor, teaching journalism at Lethbridge College and toiling as a freelance writer with markets in Canada, the United States, New Zealand and Australia.

He’s still writing but now he has produced five mystery novels featuring an ex-pro cyclist who lives and works in Europe. All the books are set in areas that D’Arcy has travelled extensively. “Working as a freelancer for more than 25 years and running WOWTours has provided me a ton of experience about the trials, tribulations and triumphs that go with being an entrepreneur,” he says. “I love sharing that experience and knowledge in the classroom, especially when I see others learning from it.” D’Arcy also plays semi-professionally as a Celtic musician. “Everything I do work-wise is about connecting to people which is the essence of entrepreneurship.” 

Customer Service Specialist

Tania is a first-generation Canadian, and in her nearly 30 years as an entrepreneur, she has successfully built businesses in the travel industry, life / living benefits and general insurance.

She enjoys start-up businesses, particularly in industries undergoing disruption, and then applying her commitment and talents for fast growth. Tania combines her ideas and inspirational leadership capabilities with a pragmatic, analytical approach to growing business. 

She is strongly aware of what she is best at and happily draws on the strength of the overall team. Her leadership style and genuine deep care for others are well known, as is her ability to be innovative and find solutions that benefit clients, team and growth. Tania was a recipient of the Women Creating Legacy in Insurance Scholarship, a cross-Canada search for women in insurance who have a strong record of demonstrating vision, leadership and entrepreneurial spirit.

She has also been awarded the YWCA Women of Distinction in Leadership & Management, Chamber of Commerce Business of the Year Award, Uniglobe Travel Spirit Award, and Rotarian of the Year. She has been involved in the Southern Alberta community as a long-term Rotarian and a member of the Original Lethbridge Business Breakfast Club. 

A forever entrepreneur

Tania Stilson

Kevin Pack

Kevin Pack has been an accountant since the late seventies. He’s worked for real estate firms, retail jewelry businesses and manufacturers. He was in public practice for ten years in Northern Alberta prior to signing on with the Federal Government, CRA, formerly Revenue Canada. In his twenty-seven years with CRA he spent twenty in Client Services and an additional seven in GST Audit.

Part of Client Services duties was answering questions both in person and on the toll-free line. Additionally, Kevin answered queries in writing by responding with ruling and interpretation letters. Kevin most enjoyed the outreach part of his job, facilitating seminars and workshops for realtors, lawyers, accountants and the general public on subjects such as GST both for new business and real property, Income Tax and payroll.

Kevin had a working relationship with many tax professionals from here in Lethbridge to as far away as Niagara Falls Ontario. Kevin has been instrumental in the “in-house” training program for CRA auditors in Lethbridge, Calgary, Red Deer and Edmonton.

Finally, Kevin was responsible for coordinating the Community Volunteer Income Tax Program for over 15 years.

All knowing tax guru

Jason Bacon

Jason’s first entrepreneurial experience was in the fifth grade when he and a friend collected tadpoles from the hills around Peace River and took them to school to sell to classmates. Then the principal found out and shut it down, giving him his first experience with regulation.

After moving to Lethbridge he attended the University and obtained a Bachelor of Management with a major in Finance.
Since then his professional career in the finance industry has been focused on the support of entrepreneurs. From lending and risk management to advising and educating. 
From there he started his own business, Sunstone Strategic, which guides entrepreneurs forward in their business. This is done by focusing on entrepreneur mindset. A part of this includes being a partner in the administration and delivery of the Self Employment Training Program across southern Alberta. 
In addition to this, Jason is the author of “Entrepreneur-ish: Inspirations and lessons in entrepreneurship from vikings, pirates and samurai.” A book which pulls inspiration from history to help individuals become better entrepreneurs.
More about Jason …. https://www.sunstonestrategic.com/

Our in house coach

Morley has been presenting the Business Plan and Cash Flow component for many years at execuserv plus. With over thirty-five years of helping entrepreneurs Morley loves working with people who have stepped out of their comfort zone and have chosen to become entrepreneurs. Over the years Morley has experienced all the good things about being an entrepreneur and has also
experienced the bad things. He can identify with and relate to what’s going on with startup entrepreneurs as they struggle to make their businesses viable.

Morley is a graduate of Lethbridge College and the University of Lethbridge.
He complimented his education by going through the training for accreditation as a Small Business Advisor. He had to accomplish over 400 hours of business counseling and to learn how to facilitate 105 business competencies. The program was recognized in fifteen countries.

Morley has facilitated many courses at the college and university level. For many years he worked in high-risk business financing and helped hundreds of entrepreneurs open their doors. Much of Morley’s business experience has been as an entrepreneur. His first business was an Advertising Agency and over the years he went from a consultant approach to being a facilitator.  More information can be found at http://www.sunvikthor.ca

The man with the plan

Morley Belle

Jody Woodroffe

Jody is the Bookkeeping Supervisor at Insight LLP. She is a certified QuickBooks Online Pro-Advisor. She takes charge of training both new staff members and business owners. She found her passion for all things numbers and accounting through her education at Lethbridge College and subsequent years in the industry. There is nothing more fun than solving a puzzle, whether it be putting together a jigsaw or finally getting those accounts to balance. She is excited to get down to all things QuickBooks with you!

Numbers is the game

Lynda has been a facilitator for the Self-employment program since its inception, and finds great satisfaction in helping the participants start their businesses. For the program, she trains participants in marketing research, branding, sales, company name creation and developing a networking statement. 

Her business is WOW Communications & Training Corp. and specializes in Brand Development, Marketing Strategy and Sales techniques. She started the business in 1994 and provides help through face-to-face meetings, online meetings, published books and business webinars. 

She has worked with mom and pop businesses and companies with over $10 million in gross sales. She has written two business books: Be the Unicorn – it starts with your brand!© and Sales Suck… now what?© . 

She is also a part-owner with her husband in a Travel Consulting business called WOW Tours International. Since 2,000 these services have been offered through face-to-face meetings, “Bucket List Webinars” and online meetings.  

She is currently working on a humorous travel book for women called ABroad Escapes©. 

The unicorn of the bunch

Lynda Kavanagh

Dawn Leite

Dawn developed a passion for the arts early in life, studying clarinet in her hometown of Edmonton, Alberta, at a young age. She earned her degree in Music Education at the University of Lethbridge in 2004, and upon graduating, taught music for three years. Following her teaching career, Dawn worked in senior management positions with the Lethbridge Symphony Orchestra and Allied Arts Council of Lethbridge between 2007 and 2020. 

Dawn has experience in all areas of arts management, including strategic planning, fundraising, operations, finance, marketing and promotions, programming, special events, board relations, governance and external relations, having worked with several performing arts organizations in a variety of capacities as well as served with many community groups.

Following a career spanning 15 years working in arts management, Dawn leaped into the fascinating world of general insurance. Many skills developed through arts management – educating, advocating, selling, and client relations – transferred seamlessly to the insurance world. Dawn takes pride in the service she provides her clients, many of whom have expressed appreciation of Dawn’s clear, concise, and thorough explanations of the coverages in a policy. Dawn has experience in both personal and commercial lines of insurance, working with many entrepreneurs in various stages of their business cycle. 

She lives with her husband Gregg (himself a tuba player in the LSO) and their two four-legged children of the canine variety, Samson and Bella. Still passionate about music, Dawn performs with the Lethbridge Community Gold Band and Polkaholix, and teaches clarinet clinics. Dawn is very excited to be part of the roster of facilitators with execuserv plus inc. and looks forward to working with the many new entrepreneurs in Lethbridge.

Local supporter and management extraordinaire 

Richard Haynes was born and raised in Southern Alberta. He married Andrea in the year 2000 and they have 5 wonderful children who bring so much joy to their lives. They love sharing life’s adventures with them.

For more than a decade Richard has earnestly studied leadership, communication and people development. In 2010 he decided to pursue an MBA in order to develop his own leadership skills and it was through this program he discovered coaching and his aptitude and passion for it. He completed his coaching designation with the International Coach Federation in 2015 and has been coaching since; pursuing it full time since 2018.

Richard’s personal mission statement is to help others achieve their potential in life and to have fulfillment of their dreams, their hopes and aspirations. If there is any concept or principle that will help him do this, he wants to learn it and be involved. Stress management is one of these areas, he loves teaching and helping others develop a plan to manage how they interact with the various forces in the world around them.

Leadership, coaching, stress management

Richard Haynes

Trevor has been in public practice since 2016 and is the newest partner at Insight LLP. After acquiring his CPA designation, he furthered his education and completed the CFP designation allowing him to better help clients in all financial aspects. Starting a business can be overwhelming, but it doesn’t have to be. It should be an exciting process and Trevor and the Insight team are here to help entrepreneurs through that process.

One of our financial guru's!

Trevor Miller

Tonya Coubray

A lover of all the seasons, being outside (seriously brings an instant smile to my face), mama to one insanely adorable child who will be taller then me faster then I want to admit, fan of great coffee in the morning, wine at night, and always trying to slow down time or at the very least…. get that teleportation machine up and running finally! Phewph, that was a lot for one sentence, can you tell I can talk.

Experiencing new cities + what they have to offer, writing, being creative, making great food, supporting of the arts/ all things local with my little one in tow, are just a few of the things that you can find me doing in my off time.

Over 20 years ago (what?!?!) I received my diploma in Website Design & Ecommerce, old school coder here. Most recently, in the last 3 years I have been working in Social Media Marketing, Advertising and strategy. It is a constantly changing entity that at the moment is a great thing to be utilized by businesses and I LOVE helping small businesses succeed.

Find me at https://mountainprairiedesigns.com/

Director of Fun & Interweb Mechanic

Service Panel

The service panel is a group of business advisors, that change from time-to-time, discussing topics relevant to becoming self-employed. Some topics that have been discussed by members of the service panel have been:


Blue Cross
Safety Consulting
Business Networking International
Canadian Federation of Independent Businesses
Chamber of Commerce

Our business advisors